The Hallway Track

Episode 180: [CASHED_OUT] "I spend too much of my life thinking."

March 29th, 2018

Also, Coté is forbidden from buying and wearing red pants.

  • Forever eating after France.
  • Motivation & overcast skies.
  • Identifying genuinely innovative, new, helpful technology (versus incremental improvements).
  • History of what computers are used for: artillery targeting; NHS payroll; ePaper; spreadsheets; supply chain; games; email & IM; websites; e-commerce; music/MP3s; search; advertising; “social”; iPhones; “AI” & ML; Robert: railways; industrial, sensors, “IoT.”
  • The basic activities humans work towards, the “terminal” points of all activities: governance; war; selling a product; educating/raising kids; healthcare (staying alive & functioning); buildings/shelter; eating/food production & distribution; entertainment & “hanging out”; sleeping; wealth management.
  • Coté is forbidden from wearing red pants.