The Hallway Track

Episode 182: [CASHED_OUT] “If I’m a survivor, what were the other guys like?”

April 16th, 2018

Camping, salad dressing classism, “fun” as she is spoken.


  • Salad dressing you can sip.

  • “Do you know how to have fun?” (Fun?)

    • Therpysplaining - you should tell people what you want.
    • Speaking PowerPoint, excellent book on making corporate presentations.
    • Fun, amusing, relaxing.
  • Shallots vs. onions vs. green onions.

  • “Please do not overcook.” / Serving suggestions.

  • Camping couple kerfuffle: “I’m not a teacher!” / “You’re a lawyer, Jeremy, do something!”

  • Getting over the sunk cost of setting up all that camping gear just to take it down.

  • Talking slow to think and choose words, versus talking fast to brainstorm. (!!) Threads.

  • That song “we’re only making plans for Nigel.” XTC!

  • Why does Spotify try to educate me?

  • Books are way too long. (How great is Audible.)

  • 165 degrees is way too hot for chicken.

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