The Hallway Track

Episode 183: [CASHED_OUT] “de Bono and de Botton” & the philosophy of lockin

May 14th, 2018

What exactly does “lockin” mean? We go through a historic view of what people mean and are afraid of when they use that term. And, then, the usual nonsense.

  • “I’ve traveled extensively through my hotel window.”
  • “You’re the last person using Evernote.”
  • de Bono.
  • de Botton.


  • Being in a “man place,” aka, The Grand barber shop. (Robert: old barber places, are there any ‘good’ gendered spaces?)
  • Robert: from FTP to AWS etc., Isn’t this lock-in, rather than commoditization?

    • Related: it’s mostly impossible to get your (all) photos your of flickr.
  • TC Currie: “There’s no such thing as a static environment.”

  • Accounting:

  • Robert: Rotterdam!

  • Men used to wear yoga pants, in Shakespeare's time.

  • How to keep a journalist’s daily notebook…? (r: diaries, to do lists)

  • “The number-one piece of advice seniors would give to their younger selves is they wished they’d been less hard on themselves,” Scott Galloway, “Happiness & the Gorilla.”

  • Writers who write writers into their written work: “very lazy”.

  • I’m told that thinking life-disaster is just around the corner is stressful, not motivating.

    • “But polar bears are also lonely and endangered. I was floating on my own little iceberg, and it was melting, fast,” Chasing Hillary, Chapter 11.
  • Shaving.

  • Robert: flying to Dublin from London City.

  • Film directors control the whole movie, they can tweak it to perfection (if there’s enough time and money). Like the Vangelis keyed opening of Bladerunner.

  • You can’t comment on “truth” with etymology. (History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps.)

  • Coté should “write” a book:

    • Register columns.
    • RedMonk content.
    • 451 on developer relations?
    • “Filler” about me, e.g., most every political journalist book I’ve ever read (e.g., Chasing Hillary.)
  • Looking at old photos gets very mixed results. (But it’s still calming.) Or, old pictures, back when Robert Tweeted. (“Missed opportunity I had to be happy.”)

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