The Hallway Track

[CASHED_OUT] You've done goofed

November 23rd, 2018

Topics, discussed and not:

  1. What's it called when people talk before being on the record? (Senate cloak room.)
  2. Domain mapping UK Parliament.
  3. Workshopping.
  4. PRINCE2
  5. Baselining - mapping what you have
  6. Managers what do they do even?
  7. The Lean Thread
  8. James G.
  9. The role of "what are we doing here?"
  10. Why this, why anything?
  11. Event Storming
  12. Thriving in a goaless organization.
  13. Constrained by the system you're in, the technology you use. Starting with capabilities, not desires and goals.
  14. You've done goofed.
  15. How to audio book.
  16. The mental library of safety.
  17. Eating little at buffets.
  18. Touring thru connivance stores.
  19. Body wash soap vs. bar soap.
  20. Taking less tooth brushes.

See more detailed show notes elsewhere.

Materials: Knight, Death and the Devil, "I just wanna ride."